Jucy Lucy Burger


Delicious Burger loaded with dressings, veggies and a flavoursome patty with molten cheese on the inside.


What’s cooking

Burgers are a jam-packed meal with the goodness of buttery-light buns, crunchy-fresh veggies, perfectly seasoned patty, tangy sauces and of course – cheese. Jucy Lucy Burger comes with a delicious twist to your everyday burgers; the patty is stuffed with a melted core of cheese on the inside. This is the authentic American treat with a load full of cheese!

What we send

Cooking Time

15 minutes


  • Cooking Pan
  • Non-Stick Pan
  • Strainer Ladle / Spider
  • Cooking Turner

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Cook this recipe in 8 easy steps

Step 1

In a cooking pan pour the refined oil and heat it on a medium heat for around 2 minutes. Add the YP Cheese Bomb Burger Patty into the oil, once the oil is sufficiently hot. Flip the patty only once; ensuring that both sides are fried till their crust is golden-brown. The patty is stuffed, so be gentle during the frying process.

Step 2

In the meantime, un-wrap the Cheese Slices. Once the patties are done, place them on a cooling rack and immediately put the Cheese Slice on top of the patty, so that the heat melts the cheese to infuse it with the patties.

Step 3

Now take a non-stick pan and set it on low heat. Take the Burger Buns and generously slather them with Butter on the inner side of the buns and toast them till they are golden and set them aside.

Step 4

Now we have everything we need to assemble our burger. Start putting together all the elements.

Starting with the bottom bun, place 1-2 large pieces of Lettuce and add the Pickled Jalapenos.

Step 5

Spread a generous coat of YP​ Tandoori Mayo, using only half the packet and leaving the other half to repeat the process on the other burger.

Step 6

Now carefully place the Burger Patty with the Cheese Slice infused on the top.

Lather the patty with half of YP Mint Mayo, saving the rest for the other burger.

Step 7

Add a slice each of Tomato and Onion on top of the patty.

Complete the burger by placing the toasted bun on the top.

Step 8

Repeat the process for the second burger.

Enjoy your mouth-watering Jucy Lucy Burger along with Ketchup or pair it with a side of French Fries and serve!


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