Chicken Ham Cheese Sandwich


Chicken ham slices packed inside two slices of bread, along with fresh assorted vegetables, cheese and juicy mayonnaise.

What’s cooking

Sandwiches are the shortcut to delicious and easy meals. The Chicken Ham Cheese sandwich has all of the key ingredients right there in its name. The drool-worthy meat slices when paired with crunchy fresh vegetables and tangy tandoori mayo makes up for the best sandwich one could have.

What we send

Cooking Time

10 minutes

Non Vegetarian

  • Mixing Bowl
  • Cast Iron Skillett / Tawa
  • Spatula

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Cook this recipe in 6 easy steps

Step 1

In a bowl, take the assorted vegetables and YP Tandoori Mayo and mix them well.

Step 2

Now, take a slice of bread and start by placing a large lettuce leaf on the bread.

Step 3

Take the mayo-vegetable mixture and spread half of it on the lettuce, followed by putting 2 slices of both chicken ham and cheese.

Step 4

Close the sandwich by topping all the ingredients with another slice of bread.

Repeat the process to make another sandwich.

Step 5

Once the sandwich has been assembled, put the pan on medium heat and use the butter to toast both sides of the sandwich.

Step 6

Serve it alongside Ketchup and enjoy your Chicken Ham Cheese Sandwich!


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