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Your Plate aims to provide a service that helps the users to strike the right balance between their desire for self-made, home-cooked meals and the realities of living with a jam-packed schedule. We cater to you with assistance that satisfies your inner-chef without compromising your time and energy.

We have partnered with the city’s finest suppliers and vendors to provide you with farm-fresh vegetables and locally sourced produce. The bread is sourced from the best bakeries. All herbs and spices are carefully selected to ensure enhanced flavors. World-quality chefs are hired at our disposal to ensure that our hand-picked, quality ingredients are transformed into scrumptious dishes in your kitchen.

The prepping that goes into the meal kits is carried out in our kitchen with a strict hygiene policy. The farm produce is washed and sanitized while also limiting human contact with the food. All the products are stored in air-tight containers, keeping them bacteria-free and also increasing their shelf-life.

The Your Plate Box is packed and sealed to ensure that the contents remain untouched during their journey from our kitchen to yours. Our delivery partners ensure safe and contactless delivery.